Intimate, Elegant and Quite Unforgettable!

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Full and original article posted on The Pulse Magazine

As someone who lives, works and frequently dines in Worcester, occasionally it’s necessary to bust out beyond town limits and experience what’s happening “out there.” And what’s happening out at Sonoma is very worth the trip.

Years had passed since my last visit to Sonoma, yet upon entering I felt I’d come home…home, that is, to warm hospitality framed by elegant touches of formality, innovative cuisine and a carefully honed dining experience. My guest and I were led to a booth and seated at a table spread with white linen. Rich plum-colored napkins were propped upon even deeper-hued chargers that reflected the warm glow from a dragonfly-pattern lantern. A small dish of olive tapenade sat ready for dipping.

Debbie, our server, arrived forthwith. After presenting appetite-whetting morsels of tender pork layered with roasted vegetables and pesto she recited the day’s menu specials. When it came time to take our drink orders she guided me from a zinfandel she considered unassertive toward a glass of Ferrari-Carano Sienna. This blend of Sangiovese, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon has deep velvety berry flavors ~ an excellent recommendation.

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